Hurricane Disaster Guidelines

hurricane sandy property damage relief

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At Harris Claims Services we provide immediate assistance to Hurricane victims in the USA. Our fully staffed office of public adjusters and attorneys will guide you through your hurricane disaster property claim. At Harris Claims Services you get the best of all worlds. We staff Attorneys, Adjusters, Contractors and other experts dedicated to you the victim. Once again, we work for you, not the insurance company. Harris Clams Services has decades of experience dealing with insurance companies to receive the maximum amount from your settlement and minimize your stress. We are not a startup company going door to door to pray on the victims.  We are an established well respected firm with resources. We have the knowledge, leverage and therefore the power to succeed on your behalf.  Whether your claim is residential (homeowner), or commercial (business owner) we will guide you through details and the legal pitfalls of your insurance policy.

Here’s a list of hurricane disaster tips & guidelines that could help:

  • Hire your very own insurance policy expert at Harris Claims Services (we are public adjusters working for YOU, NOT the insurance company)
  • Mitigate your hurricane loss and protect your property from further damage
  • Move quickly to protect property such as books, manuscripts, and other items.
  • Control access to the premises – Review contracts carefully before signing.
  • Establish a hurricane claim management team, with one spokesperson
  • Have an initial policy analysis & claim strategy prepared and make sure all team members understand it
  • Set up a post–loss plan to protect your operations & market and notify your customers, banks & suppliers
  • Prepare public relations program to inform stakeholders and general public
  • Know the players, including who the insurance adjuster’s representatives are
  • Know your brokers role and your agent’s role
  • Understand your duties and requirements
  • Document your activities in a log
  • Take a proactive position–you must make a claim-  take the lead
  • Make the decisions that are best for the survival of your organization
  • Integrate claim management with the post–loss operations
  • Concentrate on maintaining your operations & not on preparing claim details–leave that to the experts
  • Don’t rely solely on historical record–secure replacement estimates
  • Coordinate the property, business interruption & extra– expense claims
  • Understand that your property claim will have to be verified
  • Understand the claim negotiation process

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